Oceanis 30.1 for Everyone

The Oceanis 30.1 is easy to sail but lively to steer and promises new experiences and thrills. This robust little smart cruiser is small enough to trail, opening up endless possibilities for sailing on lakes and rivers, as well as coastal sailing and high sea adventures. With unbeatable living space for its size and a focus on simplicity of use, the smallest model of the cruising range is nevertheless stylish, and fast.


With an overall size of under 9×3 metres and a weight of less than four tonnes, the Oceanis 30.1 can be trailed by road by a professional, without the issues of an extra-wide load.

In its lifting keel and rotating mast version, she can sail along canals and rivers to its sailing grounds. On the Oceanis 30.1, sailors get to choose between a tiller on double rudders for anyone enjoying a few thrills or from the world of dinghy sailing, or double steering wheel for anyone who prefers space and comfort. The Oceanis 30.1 differs from other boats, thanks to a headroom of 1.98 m in all the places inside where it is comfortable to stand.


The double steering wheel layout results in a wonderfully large cockpit.

On either side of the wide fold-away table are two long benches, which comfortably seat up to six guests. The two good-sized double cabins each have berths running lengthwise and an open entryway making them feel particularly spacious. The two benches in the saloon provide an additional place for two extra berths.


The Finot-Conq plan has met the double challenge of power and simple navigation.

With her slender bow, optimized weight, high righting moment and square-top mainsail, she performs well in all points of sailing. For beginners or for short-handed sailing, the self-tacking jib and the single winch make her easy to handle. For performance, the Oceanis 30.1 has a large overlapping genoa, a furling code zero and an asymmetric spinnaker.

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