The Fun Starts Now: New Flyer 23

Close your eyes and dream about your new exciting getaway. UNLIMITED.

Imagine your new day boat, a combination of style and performance. EXCEPTIONAL.

Let your eyes glide over its sleek lines. MAGIC.

Marvel at the care given to every detail, every accessory, each finish. LUXURIOUS.

Power, Style and Space

The innovative Flyer is at once powerful and elegant, and boldly revisits the day boat. Inspired by the design codes of the car industry, the Flyer’s clean modern lines have made a big impact. Attention to detail and quality can be seen in the stainless steel, cabinet work and upholstery. Every Flyer model makes maximum use of the boat’s beam to provide generous living spaces on board, with the emphasis on accommodations and comfort.

A Unique Concept

The same hull design with a choice of two deck plans. Both the Flyer SUNdeck and SPACEdeck make maximum use of space and boasts lots of practical features.

An Open Boat in All Its Glory

The Flyer SPACEdeck has a completely open deck, creating wonderful living spaces on board. The centrally positioned helm station, a key feature, means that everyone gets to enjoy the thrill of boating. Large walkways, high freeboards and handrails everywhere make these day boats really safe at sea. From wakeboarding to fishing (optional live bait well and worktop), the SPACEdeck lends itself well to a wide range of water sport activities.

The Best in Marine Technologies

You love getting out on the water. Not a day goes by you don’t think of it. The smells, the sounds, the breezes. There’s nothing more satisfying. Yet, you seem to have precious little time for your passion. So, we design Garmin Marine products to be easy to understand, simple to use, and dependable from one season to the next. That way, whenever you finally have time on the water, your Garmin Marine electronics will occupy precious little of it.

Infinitely Generous

The surprisingly spacious Flyer 23 SPACEdeck is a pleasure at the helm and to live aboard. Certified to carry 10 passengers, she is ideal for all day-boating activities: swimming, picnicking on board, water sports or fishing trips.

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