Q&A – Spring 2020

By Eric Smith | Shining Waters Marine

COVID-19 and Boating? What else can I do?

We have had a few customers decide not to launch their boat due to COVID-19 this season.

However, we see this as an opportunity for you to enjoy the boating season with your family or alone regardless if you launch or not for the season.

If you have opted to stay out of the water for the season, all those years of “I’ll do it next season” projects could start to get checked off the list.

If you do not have one of those lists, here are some great projects to consider and start.

  • Check and replace thru hull fittings, check cutlass bearings, remove your shaft and have them checked for trueness, install line cutters, remove your propeller and have it balanced or if it’s feathering/folding replace worn pins, check rudder bearings or fix the keel seam. 
  • If you have a mast, things like rewiring the lights, inspecting your standing rigging and replacing those 20-year-old halyards are great projects.
  • Then there are the obvious and more labor-intensive projects like stripping and re-painting your bottom, polishing the topside or replacing that hatch that won’t stop leaking.
  • For engines it’s a great time to remove your heat exchangers and have them cleaned, rebuild that leaking water pump, have your injectors cleaned and rebuilt, have your stern drive removed and replace the bellows or have them painted.

If you opt to go in the water and you are following the COVID-19 rules and cannot have a large crew on your boat, then this is another good opportunity to learn your boat.

Learn how to tune your mast, practice your anchoring skills, try your storm sails, clean and lube your winches and practise your docking skills.

Even though we are limited this boating season and can not have large gatherings, rafting with friends or even racing, there is still plenty to enjoy with your boat.

Maybe taking care of some of these projects this year, you could launch early next season have the opportunity for some extended cruising in 2021.

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