First 24: Modern. Smart. Safe.

A smart pocket cruiser, fun day-sailer or an exciting club racer all in one, she is keeping the First promise of modern performance sailing. She can easily sleep up to four persons but at the same time still delivers a fun, exciting sailing experience. A completely retractable keel gives you access to cruising spots you missed so far and a possibility to launch and recover your 24 on an ordinary slipway, opening new opportunities. She will take you on relaxed family cruising and exciting day-sailings and bring home trophies from club races.

Advanced GRP vacuum infusion, very light structure, modern hull shape, deep keel and twin rudders define the boat’s character and sailing experience — stable, fast and an easy-to-control modern planing sailing boat.

The interior is one ample open space with enough comfort and all key living onboard elements. She can comfortably sleep four adults and has a foldable indoor/outdoor table and even a dedicated place for a chemical toilet.

Despite being modern and fast, she is very safe. Insubmersibility chambers make her unsinkable, the swinging keel will save the structure in case of grounding and a well-balanced twin rudder system gives you full control.

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