A Nautical High Five to Five Years

A quick internet search quickly tells you that a traditional gift for a fifth wedding anniversary is wood.

Apparently, a gift of wood reflects the strength and durability of a relationship, as well as the strong eternal roots being putting down.

Hopefully, over the last five years, the Atlantic Boating Magazine has been putting down some strong roots in the Atlantic Canadian pleasure boating community. Yes, it is hard to believe, but five years has passed since the TriNav Group of Companies, parent company of Navigator Publishing, added the Atlantic Boating title to its stable of publications.

Our inaugural 2018 magazine.

Over that period, this magazine has immersed itself in covering the growing and exciting world of pleasure boating in the four Atlantic provinces. From cruising the inland waters of New Brunswick, to the warm coastal inlets of Prince Edward Island, to the popular racing culture in Nova Scotia, to the adventurous sailors circumnavigating the Island of Newfoundland and north to Labrador, Atlantic Boating Magazine has been there along for the voyage.

For each issue, our staff strives to provide the latest in pleasure boat and related technology, as well as those making news domestically and internationally, right down to the basics of sailing and navigation. And of course, we ensure we have photos from you, our readers, on your sailing exploits throughout Atlantic Canada.

And speaking of you, our loyal readers and advertisers, our publication would be nothing without your input and support and we continue to encourage it. Whether you are talking to our staff at your local yacht club, wharf-side at Chester Race Week or at our trade show booth at the Halifax International Boat Show or Moncton Boat Show, or chatting with us on Facebook, tell us what you think of the magazine. Tell us what you like and what else we can do to enable the further growth of pleasure boating in Atlantic Canada.

Those suggestions have already given rise to the publication of the wildly popular Atlantic Boating Pleasure Boat Logbook. Be sure and pick up your 2023 Logbook copy before they are all gone.

Navigator Publishing is quite proud of the growth and progression of Atlantic Boating over the last five years, so as Managing Editor, I would be remiss if I did not use this space to send a tremendous shout-out to the hard-working folks who make this beautiful publication possible. To our dedicated team of sales and business development, graphic design and layout, and editorial staff members and contributors, thank you for your hard work and creativity in making this world-class magazine truly something to be proud of.

So, here’s to another five years and counting. As famous Nova Scotian-born sailor Joshua Slocum once said, “the days pass happily with me wherever my ship sails.”



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