Canada’s European Boat Line Distributor: Bringing Exciting New Designs to the Canadian Market

By Marine SCA

Marine SCA is an exclusive distributor of European boat lines for Canada and the Eastern United States. The company has brought the most unique and admirable European vessels to North America, distributing more than 15 lines of boats.

The unique framework behind Marine SCA encompasses their customers and the business of the marine industry. The company implements their sales, consulting and advising structure to work with their customer base that includes recreational boaters, professionals, boat dealers, marinas and more.

The company offers a wide range of boat lines including a variety of pleasure craft as well as specialized professional and commercial boats. Models include cruiser yachts, cabin cruisers, day cruisers, cuddy cabins, centre consoles, walk arounds, inflatables and sport fishing boats. They also specialize in fire and rescue, first responder, rigid hull rescue boats and other commercial vessels.

Invictus TT420 – NEW for 2023

Marine SCA groups their boat lines into three distinct categories: Prestige, Silver and Bronze. These European-made boats bring new manufacturing and design techniques and systems to Canadian waters.

Their Prestige series includes Marex, Invictus, Capoforte, SQ240i, FIM and Lilybeaum. The Prestige lines of boats are made of superior quality and extraordinary craftsmanship. The boats are meticulously crafted, and each has their own unique characteristics in terms of design, comfort, and layout. Some examples include:



Invictus Yachts embody luxury and style while incorporating high performance and cutting-edge design. Made for free and daring souls, each boat comes with a unique range of tones and colours with detailed lines and surfaces. Invictus Yachts are the result of an integrated design project, incorporating comfort and performance that have made the finest Italian yachts.



Each Lilybaeum product is made in Italy by expert master craftsmen, with the finest materials and latest technology to guarantee solidity and durability through time. Lilybeaum Yachts are products designed to experience the sea with style, sportiness and uncompromising comfort.

Their Silver series includes Nuova Jolly, BMA, White Shark, Eolo and AS Marine. The Silver lines of boats are different and innovative and are more popular and suitable for doing sports, boat trips or even romantic outings.




Domenico Aiello created the first inflatable boat, Nuova Jolly, in 1961 and has continued this heritage over time. New models have been tested in all types of conditions to create a premier inflatable. They’re made from the highest quality of materials and have dynamic qualities originating from its ribs.

Nuova Jolly PR-CC43


BMA (Italy)

BMA products are distributed only by a network of operators selected for their reliability, their technical ability and seriousness. Born in Italy, BMA boats embody an innovative and stylish design with unique craftmanship and quality.

Their Bronze series includes Italmar, Aquabat, AluForce and Piranhascraft. The Bronze lines of boats are ideal for small family weekend trips and activities such as fishing. They’re made of good quality with an average price giving more accessibility for individuals and families to own an aluminum or fibreglass pleasure craft.

BMA X266



Italmar was born by the Dolce family and their perseverance and love for boating. They have a wide range of models that all encompass safety, comfort and style.


ALUFORCE (Germany)

In the Baltic States, AluForce aluminum boats are expertly built by qualified and experienced engineers and boat builders. They have a wide variety of purposes in all types of water. They’re passionately designed for fishing boats, spacious and luxurious family cruisers, sleek speed boats, and offshore models for commercial use.

As of January 2023, Marine SCA is seeking new dealers and has implemented a new corporate showroom, exclusive for their dealers only. The showroom is 15,500 square feet that has more than 33 boats on display from their 15 lines available. It will be open until the middle of 2023.

Since 2021, Marine SCA has been Canada’s exclusive European boat line distributor, bringing in magnificent boat lines with sleek design and advanced technology. More information can be found at

White Shark 280CC

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