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Bluenose Centennial Celebrations

As part of the Bluenose 100 celebrations, the Bluenose II has been visiting ports of call across the Maritimes this summer. Along with numerous Nova Scotia ports, the iconic vessel was also scheduled to visit harbours in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. Further information on the Bluenose 100 celebrations is available on social media or the website

Xc 45: Discover the New 40 Years Anniversary Edition

The Xc 45 was the first model in the Xcruising range to be launched, and was named European Yacht of the Year, praised for her combination of cruising comfort, performance under sail and responsive handling. As with all the Xc models which followed, the Xc 45 incorporates the X-Yachts steel hull/keel girder for strength and resistance to grounding, with deck and sail layouts designed for ease of handling when sailing two-up. Following extensive feedback from a large group of Xc owners, as well ...

C-Tow Marine Assistance Ltd at 35

In 1984, with just one black, inflatable boat, and the drive and determination to succeed, Captain John MacDonald started a marine towing business that’s still in operation today. Though John is no longer with us, his vision for the company still lives on. C-Tow Marine Assistance Ltd was first based on Bowen Island, B.C., where MacDonald and his wife Barb lived. Brian Biddlecombe, owner of Cormorant Marine Water Taxi (also based on Bowen Island), was there when it all started. He was also ...