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Bluenose II: 2021 Bluenose 100 — Sail Past Season Schedule

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, unfavorable sailing conditions or unexpected delays, this schedule is subject to change. Please follow Bluenose ll on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for updates (@sailbluenoseii) or call 1-902-640-3177.

Promoting Sailing Across Atlantic Canada

Sail Canada Programs Well Utilized by Participants From learning to sail in a dinghy to officiating at world class events, Sail Canada training programs are an anchor for clubs across the country. “Every member club is impacted by the Sail Canada programs,” said Frank Denis, executive director of Sail Nova Scotia in an interview. “Some use all. Some just use race officials or junior sailing. All of them offer some form of their programs.” Denis said Sail Canada puts together ...

AMTA Promoting Recreational Boating in Atlantic Canada

Above photo: Saint John River, N.B. Photo submitted by Pat Nelder Recreational boating is a big thing in Atlantic Canada. With countless miles of coastline, with just about every configuration; sandy beaches, shingle islands, mountainous coasts and rocky shores on the Atlantic, the Fundy, the Northumberland Strait and the Gulf of St. Lawrence coasts; with some of greatest tides in the world and some of the warmest ocean waters north of the Carolinas it’s not surprising many Atlantic ...