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Bluenose Centennial Celebrations

As part of the Bluenose 100 celebrations, the Bluenose II has been visiting ports of call across the Maritimes this summer. Along with numerous Nova Scotia ports, the iconic vessel was also scheduled to visit harbours in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. Further information on the Bluenose 100 celebrations is available on social media or the website bluenose100.ca.

Bluenose Centennial Celebrations Kick Off This Spring

It will be 100 years down to the hour when the celebrations begin, marking the 100th anniversary since the launch of Canada’s most iconic sailing vessel, the Bluenose. It was 10 a.m. on March 26, 1921, when the schooner, designed by William J. Roué and built by the Smith & Rhuland Shipyard, slipped into the waters of Lunenburg harbour for the first time. Built for fishing and racing in the North Atlantic, the Bluenose earned the nickname Queen of the North Atlantic Fishing Fleet and ...